Advice that's right for you

The 3 Rs of finding an advisor

Managing investments, especially in volatile markets, demands the experience and sound judgement of a qualified professional. If you're not sure how to begin your search for a financial advisor, following the three Rsóreflection, referrals and referencesóis a great place to start.

Ask yourself what you want from your investment, how often you want a portfolio check-up, and how much risk you're willing to accept along the way. This research will prepare you for interviews with prospective advisors.

Turn to friends, family and colleagues for their insight. How and why did they choose their advisors?

Ask prospective advisors if you can speak with their current clients. Do their clients understand the investment decisions they've made? Can they reach the advisor easily?

While your search may take a bit longer than simply looking up the nearest advisor in your neighbourhood, you'll be more likely to succeed with someone you feel will handle your financial affairs with skill and integrity in the years to come.